What we do

Prayer Training: The Altar Call

God is calling His Church to the altar of prayer and worship. 

H4N developed a Prayer Training Program called the Altar Call. This prayer training equips groups and communities to be Biblically sound, effective and strategic in (warfare) prayer.

We run this training in the context of your local church and/or a house of prayer. Check the Altar Call for more information.

Teaching and Preaching

The Word of God should be preached, taught, obeyed and practiced. We teach and preach God's Word to strengthen, edify and equip the Church.

If you are interested in a booking or want more information about possible teachings or services, please contact usDo you want to keep up with our sermons? Watch them here!

(International) Missions

Jesus calls us effective and relevant evangelism coupled with discipleship of new believers. We equip and train churches in effective (lifestyle) evangelism and discipleship. H4N trains and equips you in the area of context-effective Evangelism. Get trained, equipped and get out there!

See also: Outreach in the City.

Agricultural Consulting

H4N Agriculture 
Through sustainable agricultural projects and practical training, H4N helps people, organizations and churches grow and produce crops to directly feed those in need. We give training and consultancy to local communities to create food resources and establish better and more just economic climates in their towns and churches. 

The Joseph Company

Calling a generation to prepare the land!

It is becoming increasingly important for believers to be aware of the times in which we live and our mandate as christians in terms of preparation. Our vision is to raise up a company of Josephs, local networks of believers who build 'storehouses of spiritual and physical food' for times and generations to come.


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‘Healing for the nations was in the leaves of the tree’ Rev. 22:2

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