Extravagant Prayer and Worship

God is calling His Church to extravagant prayer and worship. We believe that the emergence
of thousands of houses of prayer worldwide in the last 20+ years are signal fires and a sign
of what the Holy Spirit is doing in the earth; raising up a praying and worshiping Church that
welcomes the return of Jesus as the ultimate King of the earth.

Victory Prayer Centre

Health for the Nations has its own prayerroom in Soesterberg (Netherlands). On Tuesdays we gather here for prayer, worship and personal time with the Lord. There are two public prayer events: 

10pm - 12pm Devotional and personal Bible study 

2pm - 4pm Corporate worship and prayer (intercession)

Do you want more information about these public prayer events? Feel free to contact us. Neem gerust contact met ons op. 

Address Victory Prayer Centre: Amersfoortseweg 11a, Soesterberg, NL. Are you planning to join us for the first time? Please let us know you are coming!

The Alter Call

The Altar Call is a powerful prayer training for those wanting to grow in leading corporate
prayer including spiritual warfare and intercession, to experience breakthrough and
intimacy with God. This program focusses on equipping leaders in the area of corporate
prayer and warfare, who in turn can lead others.



The Altar Call training consist of 4 major elements;

  • learning how to pray for the Government 
  • learning how to pray for the Church
  • learning how to pray for the Harvest
  • learning how to pray for the Laborers in Gods Harvest

Teaching you how to let corporate prayers be anchored in God by:

  • praying from the Word of God (praying the Scriptures)
  • praying from the Spirit of God (praying in tongues)
  • praying from a cleansed temple (personal holiness & lifestyle)

Get trained now in the context of your local church and/or a house of prayer.

Anchored Prayers

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‘Healing for the nations was in the leaves of the tree’ Rev. 22:2

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