‘Adam, where are you?’ is one of the questions God asked to help humanity determine
where they were, how they got there and how they could come back into unbroken
relationship with their Creator. Health for the Nations follows this divine pattern for engaging people of the world for the sake of being reconciled to God.

H4N couples evangelism with discipleship of new believers.
We equip and train churches in effective evangelism and discipleship. Get trained and equipped to make a difference! 


Willem has many years of experience training groups and individuals in the area of street
evangelism. In evangelism, we use Gods very own paradigm to engage people in conversations about faith.  We aim to find out where people are, and meet
them there. 

The key in our outreaches is not to preach to people but to engage them in
conversation and so position them to receive truth about themselves and about God.
Join us on outreach and bring a friend, your small group or your church!

To find out when we do outreaches, contact us!


Mission Trips

H4N does short term and longer term mission trips, mostly on the African continent. These trips usually include prayer, worship, preaching and agricultural missions. If you want to know more about joining a mission trip, feel free to contact us!

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‘Healing for the nations was in the leaves of the tree’ Rev. 22:2

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