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Jesus said 'Go into all the world and makes disciples of all nations.' H4N teaches, trains and models how to do this in the context of todays world. How does evangelism look in this day and age? How can we reach the nations wtih the glorious news of the salvation and destiny that lies in Jesus Christ?

Willem has many years of experience training groups in the area of street evangelism, using Gods very own paradigm: find out where people are, and meet them there. 

You can join an outreach alone, with a friend, your small group or as a church!

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Upon Request: Prayer Training 'the Altar Call'.


'The fire on the Altar must never go out, it must be kept burning!' -Lev 6:12

 'The fervent prayer of the righteous is powerful and avails much!' - James 5:16 

The Altar Call is a powerful prayer training for those who want to grow in spiritual warfare, do intercession and experiencing breakthrough and intimacy with God. H4N seeks to equip leaders in the area of corporate prayer and warfare, who in turn can lead others.

The training consist of 4 major elements;

  • learning how to pray for the Government 
  • learning how to pray for the Church
  • learning how to pray for the Harvest
  • learning how to pray for the Laborers in Gods Harvest

We teach how to let corporate prayers be anchored in God by:

  • praying from the Word of God (praying the Scriptures)
  • praying from the Spirit of God (praying in tongues)
  • praying from a cleansed temple (personal holiness & lifestyle)
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‘Healing for the nations was in the leaves of the tree’ Rev. 22:2

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