The Bible gives us blueprints for food production and distribution, redemptive and
regenerative agriculture and restoring creation. Christians were given a mandate to be
agents of change, based on God's original design for planet earth.

Through sustainable agricultural projects and practical training, Health for the Nations trains people,
organizations and churches in growing and producing crops to directly feed those in need
and/or create centers of resources. 

The Joseph Company


We recognize the need and call of God to build "storehouses" like Joseph did in Egypt.

The purpose of the Joseph Company is to raise up a company of Josephs who will do just that. By means of teachings, trainings and seminars we equip those who want build ‘storehouses’ of food by securing seed, land, and water, working these according to the redemptive patterns God gave us in the Bible.

These storehouses are to be open-source centers for both spiritual and physical food and sustenance, sharing insights and resources. They may be located in the Netherlands or in other countries.

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‘Healing for the nations was in the leaves of the tree’ Rev. 22:2

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